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Big Role of Small Business


Bella Napoli Bakery


Just walk through the door at Bella Napoli Italian American bakery, and you enter another world where homemade breads, cakes, pastries, and biscotti make every day special. For more than 40 years, the Mainella family and their employees have been providing the Capital Region with award-winning goodies, establishing Bella Napoli as a tradition among several generations of satisfied customers.

It all began in a small shop in Troy, when John Mainella, a young man from Naples, Italy, established a neighborhood bakery and soon developed an enthusiastic following. In time, his line of products, as well as his reputation, grew successfully. Today, Bella Napoli continues the family legacy under the leadership of his sons, Dominic and Mario, and with a staff that includes many extended family members.

"I was literally born into the business," said Dom Mainella. "When I was 16 my father told me to get my driver's permit so I could start making deliveries to customers. That's how it's always been in our family; it's all about the business."

Bella Napoli offers a full bakery, sandwich, and coffee cafe on Route 9 in Latham, and a bakery on River Street in troy. This hometown business serves up world class taste, including fresh sandwiches, pizza, Italian luncheon specials, prize-winning cappuccino, and more for eat-in or take-out. The bakery is filled with a cornucopia of sweets that are as delicious to look at as they are to taste.

"We try to be creative and change things up, to give customers something new," said Mr. Mainella. "But we always have the traditional desserts that people are looking for, especially around Christmas and Easter. We have customers that come all the way from New Jersey."

Consistently named "Best Bakery" in reader's polls in the regional publications, Bella Napoli employs more than 90 individuals. Open seven days a week, Bella Napoli is a multi-generational labor of love.


This article was taken from the 2013 - 2014 Quality of Life Brochure. To download the full brochure, please visit our References page.